In 1942, the Rev. Abraham B. Carter founded a church with his wife Sis. Carter and Sis. Ocie Adams Daniels, who gave the church its name “Loyal.” 


The first sermon was held in a basement on Southern Boulevard and 173rd street, with only two members and an old record player cabinet utilized as the first pulpit. Later, as the members doubled, Rev. Carter did not lose faith. He had a passion for the Word and Sunday School. As time went on, the church grew until finally, Loyal had 50 members. Rev. Carter later organized the Senior Choir, the Junior Choir, the Missionary Board and the Willing Workers Club. In April of 1943, the church was incorporated under the laws of the State of New York.


In 1946 Rev. Carter retired to Virginia and Rev. Ernest Timothy Johnson (better known as E.T. Johnson) was elected to be the new Under Shepherd. The church grew rapidly and prospered under Rev. Johnson’s leadership because of his genuine love for every member. He reorganized the existing ministries and added the Senior and Junior Usher Boards. Over the next 7 years, Rev. John Smith, Rev. Bertrand and Deacon Daniels joined the fold and Rev. Johnson baptized 91 candidates.

As the membership continued to grow, space was limited so we banded together and raised the $10,000.00 needed as a down payment for a new church home. On May 4, 1954, with the efforts of our members, we were able to put the down payment down on our new church home located at 881. E. 167th Street in the Bronx, New York.


From 1955 to 1981 Rev. Johnson ordained 16 Deacons and licensed 5 Ministers.  Rev. Johnson continued to work to build up God’s kingdom. Loyal continued to grow spiritually and financially, and it was decided by Pastor Johnson to renovate the building.  In June of 1969 Pastor Johnson led the members into their newly renovated building, with the same theme that had brought Loyal safe thus far in the service of the Lord.


In 1985, Rev. Johnson ordained 4 other parishioners to serve as Deacons and Mother’s to the church.  Rev. Johnson also added the Annie E. Williams Inspirational Choir, the E.T. Johnson Jr. Choir and the E.T. Johnson Chorus.

On January 22, 1986, The Lord in His wise providence, called Pastor Johnson from labor to reward. 


Our next Pastor, Rev. Samuel F. Dixon, (along with his wife, Sis. Callie Dixon) brought us to a new kind of wisdom and understanding. Pastor Dixon led this church in setting up a Christian Education Department, a Youth Department and a Senior Citizens Department. He revamped our participation in the Baptist Training Union and established a Floral Ministry. 

In 1987 Pastor Dixon spearheaded the church in the purchasing of the lot next door to our building. He did a wonderful job in beautifying the church, such as the covering of the pews, carpeting the floor, and improving the lighting. He also directed the church to provide a new van for church transportation, especially for our Senior Citizens.

Pastor Dixon licensed Rev. Herman Denton, Minister William Morgan (now Rev. Morgan. He is the Pastor of Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church in Albany, NY) and Minister Fred Morton.


Pastor Dixon ordained Deacon Wilson Rivers, Deacon Roy Adams, and Deacon Fred Morton (now Minister Morton) in April of 1988. Following were; Deacon Eric Burke, and Deacon William Moran; Deacon George Frazier, Deacon Herbert Williams, and Deacon Amos Monroe in 1995.


Pastor Dixon acknowledged our first woman minister, Minister Shirley Morgan In June of 1993. During his tenure, Pastor Dixon baptized approximately 83 candidates, he also appointed three Mothers: Sis. Catherine Mobley, Sis Edith Jones, and Deaconess Birdie Spence as the Mother of the Pastors' Aide committee. Loyal Baptist Church grew mightily under the leadership of Pastor Samuel F. Dixon, most assuredly with the help of the Lord.


In 2002, Pastor Dixon expressed his desire to retire and being obedient the search for a new Pastor was commenced.  While we searched for our new leader, Pastor Dixon continued to preach the Word. After 4 years, we elected Rev. Samuel E. Trusty an Associate Minister of Community Baptist Church in Englewood, New Jersey to be our new Pastor. Loyal Baptist Church welcomed him and his family with open arms.


Rev. Samuel E. Trusty accepted our invitation and was installed on Sunday, January 15, 2006 in front of his wife, Lady Shalice Trusty, his sons Sam Jr. and Joshua, his church family from Community Baptist Church, his newly acquired family and children; Loyal Baptist Church and many friends and well-wishers. Man has proclaimed but, God ordains His preachers and Rev. Samuel E. Trusty is a preacher sent by God.